Send us your story! Have you had a touching reproductive health journey? A wonderful visit at one of our health centers? Share your inspirational moments with us.

Here are some tips and questions to help you when you're writing our your story:

Challenge: Why did you feel it was a challenge? What was so challenging about it? Why was it your challenge?

Choice: Why did you make the choice you did? Where did you get the courage (or not)? Where did you get the hope (or not)? Did your parents life stories teach you in any way how to act in that moment?  How did it feel? 

Outcome: How did the outcome feel? Why did it feel that way? What did it teach you? What do you want to teach us? How do you want us to feel?

Ask:  What will you ask others to do?  How can they join your movement? How can they be more involved in your story?

Now you're ready to submit your story!

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Letters to the editor are great advocacy tools. They allow you to reach a large audience, shed light on information perhaps not addressed in an article, shift support for an issue, and make an impression on a representative who reads the publication. They are one of the most effective ways to advocate for reproductive rights!

Quick Pointers:

  • Letters to the editor should be no more than 150 words.
  • Please keep the letters as short and to the point as possible. 
  • Reach out to us at PPMW for talking points, if you'd like help
  • Target the letter with only one issue.  There is not enough space to write about multiple issues.  When finished writing the letter, be sure to sign it with your name and town of residence. 

Stylistic considerations:  

  • State the argument you're rebutting or responding to as briefly as possible in the letter's introduction.  
  • Your letter should be logically organized. State why you are writing your letter first, then back up your beliefs with personal examples and facts. 
  • Use facts and numbers when possible and make sure those are correct. 
  • Always use personal examples when possible. This gives the reader a better reason why they should listen to your viewpoint.  "As a patient of Planned Parenthood..." will resonate with readers and have them sympathize with your view.  It will also give more credence to your credibility.